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Lightning introduction

Page update: 26 March 2012.
Software update: 4 August 2007.

Lightning is an interactive signal processing application. It is a freeware program with the purpose of controlling disco lighting equipment on a PC. Currently Lightning is in beta stage and does a decent job so far. Some features are not completed yet, such as DMX support. The Elektroda website has good add-ons for that (use Google Translate). Older desktop files can be loaded with any new version of Lightning.

This program is mainly suitable for controlling conventional lights, such as PAR spots, strobo lights and on/off switchable effects. Intelligent (DMX) lighting could be controlled too. Easier to use software exists for that purpose (see Links page).


  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Built-in Fourier spectrum audio input module (using bass.dll)
  • Built-in parallel port output module (using SmallPort driver, 32 bit only)
  • Network server and client modules
  • Autodetection of DLOPs
  • Autodetection of user made LUA scripts
  • Hotkey support

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