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Lightning V0.84 [ 04-08-2007 ]
(includes runtime libraries)

  • Huge performance improvement
  • Faster startup
  • Flicker free painting of connectors, configurable paint interval
  • Better painting of connections
  • "Pin" feature in settings dialog, for simultaneous views of spectrums
  • inButton, inSwitch, inMultiButton: hotkey support, configurable using settings dialog
  • inMultiButton: scene capable
  • procSwitch: alternates between two outputs
Lightning V0.80 ( 19-07-2007 )
(includes runtime libraries)

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, without requiring administrator privileges
    (except during installation of SmallPort driver)
  • Smoother drawing, creation and movement of modules
  • Better configuration dialog with installer for SmallPort driver
  • Fixed bug: creation of multiple DLOPs of the same kind caused crash
  • New module: inBPMStudio, retrieves beats per minute value from Alcatech BPM Studio webserver
  • New module: inParallelPort, reads from 9 parallel port control and status input pins
  • New module: outMiniSpectrum, shows spectrum without using details window
  • Removed module: procLUA, because LUA scripts are autodetected
  • Removed module: outDLOP, because DLOPs are autodetected
  • Merged inAudio with inStereoAudio:
    multiple modules can be created with selectable sound card and number of samples
  • Merged outLabel with outLargeLabel: all labels do autosize
  • Merged outSpectrum with outZoomLeftSpectrum and outZoomRightSpectrum
  • inBeat: multiple modules can be created, new beats per minute value output
  • inJoystick & inMiniJoystick: autodetection of joysticks
  • inScreenStick: fixed "out of resources" crash
  • inSerialMouse: autodetection of serial ports
  • inParallelPort, outParallelPort & outParallelPortMux: better parallel port detection
  • outParallelPort: added support for 4 parallel port control output pins
  • Beat detection tool:
    • stores settings in registry instead of INI file
    • has sliders instead of spin edits
    • shows graph indicating sound levels and beats
Lightning V0.70 ( 25-09-2006 )
(includes runtime libraries)

  • Multiple module selection.
  • Copy and paste.
  • Improved "Lock" function.
  • Improved user interface of Beat Detection tool.
  • All kinds of bug fixes.
  • Known issue: line painting has glitches occasionally.
Lightning V0.60 runtime libraries
Lightning V0.60
(requires runtime libraries)

User manual

Lightning user manual

Module for Velleman K8055D

out_vellemank8055.dll V2 ( 08-11-2008 )

  • Supports multiple boards
out_vellemank8055.dll ( 02-11-2008 )

This module controls the eight digital output pins and two analog output pins on Velleman K8055D USB boards. Up to four boards are supported simultaneously.

DiscoLitez DLOPs

DiscoLitez is a freeware lighting application. It uses plugins called "DLOPs" for driving hardware light rigs. Lightning can load DLOPs too. A number of Lightning related DLOPs are available:

(for DiscoLitez)


This 32 channel DLOP runs a network server. The Lightning program can connect to it. This way Lightning can retrieve the light status from DiscoLitez.

At first launch the DLOP will ask for the network port number, which will then be stored in a .ini file. Leaving the default setting is recommended. Make sure to tune each light that should be forwarded in DiscoLitez, by enabling hardware output and selecting the "Lightning Network Server" DLOP.

The DLOP runs as a server. In Lightning information can be retrieved from it by adding an inNetworkClient module. Set the correct hostname ("localhost" if DiscoLitez and Lightning run on the same PC) and port in the module's settings and check the "Binary mode" checkbox (non-binary mode won't work). Finally press "Update".

Now the inNetworkClient module's outputs reflect the light status from DiscoLitez. Up to 100 times per second the status of all lights will be updated, using a 4 byte packet.

(for Lightning & DiscoLitez)

DLO_ft245usb.dll V0.2 ( 13-11-2007 )
DLO_ft245usb.dll + source code (zip-archive) ( 18-07-2011 )
DLO_ft245usb.dll + source code (7-Zip-archive) ( 18-07-2011 )

  • Supports multiple FT245 chips
DLO_ft245usb.dll V0.1

Copyright 2007 - 2011 Paul Abbott

Paul Abbott made this 8 channel DLOP that outputs to an USB light rig. This is especially useful for laptops that don't have a parallel port. The DLOP can communicate with a single 8 bit FT245 chip. To use it in Lightning, place the DLOP file in the Lightning directory, so that it appears in the "DLOP" menu. To use multiple instances, create copies such as DLO_ft245usb_2.dll, DLO_ft245usb_3.dll etc.


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