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Site about building and controlling a PC based light controller.
Good TV Tuner program for PCs, which works with most tuner cards that use WDM drivers.
Excellent service for the replacement or reprogramming of defect FLASH BIOS chips.
The complete HTML 4.0 specification.
Excellent information on HTML Style Sheets.
Website about the scripting language 'Visual DialogScript', this is a simple, easy to understand scripting language to automate your computer.
The search page Google; one of the best international search pages.
The cool homepage of the Dutch television programme Willem Wever.
A good search page, searches in the Netherlands only.
The homepage of the school 'Bisschoppelijk College'.
Rudy's Delphi Corner: good technical articles about Borland Delphi.
The downside of the General Public License (GPL).
The downside of the GPL and LPGL.

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